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COSTA SEAFOOD E.I.R.L. is a Peruvian company, which has a constant and permanent presence with a sustainable growth in the fisheries sector market. We are producers, traders and exporters of frozen seafood products for the international markets and our products go through a rigorous quality control.

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We provide high quality products for the satisfaction of our customers and business partners, considering the needs of a competitive and demanding market: Giant Squid, Moonfish, Butterfish, Mahi Mahi, Silver Smelt, Loligo Squid and Anchovy.

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We are present on the national and international market

Our good quality policies and the diversity of our seafood products has allowed the continuous growth of our market.

Costa Seafood

We are committed to the needs of a demanding and innovative international market; we are working along of the Peruvian coast and this allows us to offer you a diversity of seafood products.

Costa Seafood


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